Welcome to WorkEngine 2.0

Hey there! WorkEngine is evolving, and we’re thrilled to introduce WorkEngine 2.0; an enhanced version of our trusted prompt management system. Read all about what that means to you, and how we can help you transition seamlessly.

Why are we updating the system?

As we’ve journeyed with WorkEngine 1.0, our goal has always been clear: to create a prompt management system that simplifies and enhances the way you work with GenAI. We began in November 2022. Riding the wave of excitement around ChatGPT. Using your feedback as a compass for the development of WorkEngine.

But no journey is without its bumps. WorkEngine 1.0, built rapidly to meet an urgent need, faced challenges. The system, though filled with powerful features, started showing signs of strain. As GenAI technology sprinted ahead, we realized that a simple update wouldn’t suffice. We needed a stronger foundation to accommodate the features you needed and to ensure the system remained robust and user-friendly.

WorkEngine 2.0 is our commitment to you—built for longevity, designed for simplicity, and ready for the future of GenAI.

Wanna join the movement?

Yes, we know – movement is a bit farfetched. But let’s think of it as “a movement” from one system to another (pun intended). We’ve mapped out a clear, step-by-step journey to migrate from WorkEngine 1.0 to 2.0. It’s designed with you in mind: straightforward, efficient, and fully supported every step of the way.

Step 1: Get the New Version

  1. Click here to visit the Chrome store to find WorkEngine 2.0
  2. Click on Add to Chrome
  3. Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

Important: Remove WorkEngine 1.0

Step 2: Log Into WorkEngine 2.0

  1. Launch WorkEngine 2.0 by clicking on the WorkEngine icon in your Chrome toolbar.
  2. Enter your existing WorkEngine credentials and click reset your password (your old password will not work).
  3. Go to your email inbox and find the email for password reset. Make up a new and safe password.
  4. Log into WorkEngine.

Step 3:  We migrate your data

When you are ready to start working with WorkEngine 2.0, we will help you migrate your data.

Thats it! You’re ready to start working in the new system. 

Your data will be moved by default on the 30th of April.

Need help?

We want to make this transition as easy as possible. Book a session for us to set up your – or a company account! 

Introduction to snippes

With WorkEngine’s ‘Snippets’ feature, you can provide the perfect context for your GenAI prompts, ensuring that your content is accurate, on-brand, and impactful.

Save Prompts

Adding a new prompt to your library using WorkEngine is a simple process. See how you do it here.

Stay organised

Your prompt library may start to overflow with prompts for various workflows. To maintain a clear overview and streamline your work process, you can start using Collections.

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