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Learn how to use the prompt library

Step by step guide: Craft and organize your personal collection of prompts.

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Working with dynamic prompt technique

Build versatile marketing templates for repeated use in your team or organisation.

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Master the basics of WorkEngine. Start by learning the basics of how to work with your prompt management system.

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Create consistency with snippets

Learn how to align every piece of AI-generated text flawlessly to your brand.

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Managing your prompt library across teams

Learn how to make sure your team has access to the right prompts and snippets.


What is WorkEngine?

WorkEngine is a prompt management system designed to streamline workflows and enhance productivity across teams and organizations.

It serves as a centralized platform for organizing, storing, and reusing written prompts or instructions for content creation, task execution, and automated processes.With WorkEngine, users can access a library of pre-defined, quality-assured prompts that can be customized to meet specific requirements, fostering creativity and saving time.

The system facilitates easy sharing and collaboration on prompts among team members, ensuring consistency and adherence to standards. Additionally, WorkEngine supports the optimization of processes through experimentation with different prompts, enabling teams to analyze outcomes and refine their strategies based on real-time feedback. This makes WorkEngine an invaluable tool for any organization looking to improve operational efficiency and the quality of their output

WorkEngine operates as a dual-component system, consisting of a Chrome extension and a web-based admin panel, designed to enhance efficiency and productivity in content creation and task management. Here’s a brief overview of how it works:

  • Chrome Extension: Once installed in the Chrome browser, the WorkEngine extension allows users to access, implement, and interact with a wide range of pre-defined prompts directly within their web environment. This facilitates on-the-fly content creation, task execution, and automation processes without the need to switch between different applications or tabs.
  • Web-Based Admin Panel: The admin panel serves as the central hub for managing the WorkEngine system. Here, users can customize their library of prompts, configure settings, and analyze team use. This webapp is where the bulk of administrative tasks are performed, including adding, editing, and organizing prompts, as well as monitoring usage statistics to optimize the system’s effectiveness.

Together, these components enable a seamless integration of prompt management into daily workflows, significantly reducing the time and effort required for content creation and task execution. Users can quickly apply best practices across various projects, ensure consistency in communication, and continuously refine their processes based on analytical insights provided by the admin panel.

WorkEngine offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can take advantage of its prompt management and productivity features.

Free Trial: We offer a free trial period to let you explore WorkEngine’s features and see how it fits into your workflow. This trial period is a great way to understand the value WorkEngine can bring to your team without any initial investment.

Basic Plan: Ideal for individuals or small teams just starting out, priced at 99 kr per month. This plan includes core prompt management features, a limited number of predefined prompts, backup support, and prompt templates.

Professional Plan: Designed for growing businesses, available at 149 kr monthly. Offers extensive prompt usage, advanced analytics, customer support, and additional admin controls.

Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for large organizations, providing tailored prompt limits, dedicated support, custom integrations, features tailored to business requirements, and discounts on online courses.

See our pricing plans here

 Yes, WorkEngine is designed to be model-agnostic, meaning it can seamlessly integrate with a wide range of generative AI models, including popular text-based models like Gemini, ChatGPT, Perplexity, and Claude, as well as image models like Leonardo.

This flexibility allows you to store, manage, and utilize prompts across different AI platforms, ensuring that you can leverage the best of what each model has to offer. Whether you’re generating text, creating images, or working on complex AI-driven tasks, WorkEngine provides a unified interface to enhance productivity and creativity without being tied to a specific AI model.

This makes WorkEngine an ideal tool for teams and individuals looking to explore and utilize the full potential of generative AI technology.

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