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Save prompts, create consistency, and improve your output with generative AI

Tired of the AI wild west? Easily manage AI prompts and boost your team’s productivity. WorkEngine is the perfect tool to enhance your work with GenAI, no matter your skill level. Start creating more with less effort today.

Prompt management made easy ...

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Unlocking Your AI Potential with WorkEngine

Harness the Power of Multiple AI Models, Seamlessly

WorkEngine shatters silos and brings your favorite generative AI models under one roof

Craft Consistent,
On-Brand AI Output

Ensure every piece of AI-generated text flawlessly aligns with your brand for your audience

Prompt Management made easy

WorkEngine lets you create, store, and share prompts across your organization

Gain Actionable Insights

WorkEngine provides detailed analytics on your AI usage 

Secure Collaboration & Control

Manage user access and permissions

Stop Drowning in Tasks. Master Your Workflow

Ditch the spreadsheets and to-do lists. WorkEngine from InboundCPH streamlines, improves, and evolves your company’s prompt management, enabling you to create unique results with generative AI and conquer what truly matters.

Share prompts and successes with your team, fostering collaboration and building organizational knowledge.

Streamline prompt creation and refine your process to generate high-quality content quickly.

Standardize prompts to align with your brand voice, ensuring uniform quality across all outputs.

Scale your AI usage with ease, adapting prompts for different models, projects, or objectives.

About WorkEngine

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Time Saved

Our customers report an average time savings of 40% on content creation and marketing tasks

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Increased Click-Through Rates

WorkEngine’s AI-powered tools help you craft pieces that are 30% more likely to resonate with your audience

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Improved Brand Consistency

WorkEngine eliminates this worry with its custom writing styles feature, ensuring 25% greater consistency

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Reduced Manual Effort

WorkEngine automates repetitive processes, reducing manual effort by 60%

Meet The Team

WorkEngine is developed by
InboundCPH. InboundCPH is a digital marketing agency based in Denmark, which specializes in creating growth and value for its clients through a number of digital marketing strategies. We developed WorkEngine as part of our own work to get the most value out of generative AI.

Stine Sidelmann

AI Produkt- og Kundekonsulent

Ian Rosenfeldt

  Founder & Chief AI Strategist

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